Many of those who visited Israel at least once admit that this was a special experience – one of a kind. Israel is much more than the center of 3 min monotheistic religions: Jewish, Christian and Muslim. It's even more than highly important historical area, where every drilling in the ground may expose archeological findings of one of many civilizations who lived in this spot for centuries and even 2,500 years ago. This place combines the things that could never be entwined in any other place.

The importance of private guide while touring

Wherever you go, having someone local with you is always a great way of making sure you see the most of the location you're in. In Israel it's even more important, due to the variety of cultures which came together all in the same spot – Jewish people of different descents, Arabic, English-speaking, French. Countless languages and other cultural barriers are making private guide in israel absolutely essential during your stay. That's if you want to get the real grasp of what's like to live in this unusual country.

Different shades of private touring

Israel has many faces and in order to see the sides you're really interested in – it's important to let your private guide know about it beforehand. The main advantage of having a private guide is the ability to create custom tailored schedule and route to cover the most interesting sites and find the best way to it all in the time you have and while saving money as much as possible. You may choose the Christian tour, the Jewish or the Muslim ones. Besides this important theme, you may visit historical sites of the early years of state of Israel (or even before), culinary travel in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, extreme sport and nature tour – and much more.